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Law Office of Thomas John Fisher

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  •  Business Formation

  •  Estate Planning

  •  Litigation

  •  Oil & Gas

  •  Probate

  •  Real Estate

  •  Trusts

  •  Wills

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     600 Leopard Street, Suite 1720
     The Six Hundred Building
     Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

      361.882.2091 telephone

     361.288.1811 Skype

     815.927.0298 fax

Client & Lawyer Reviews

Estate Planning
“I refer to Tom as "Tom University." Tom is an extremely experienced attorney in many different areas of law. I have called on Tom for advice on handling Estate Planning legal matters as well as Real Estate matters and he always guides me in the right direction. Tom doesn't just throw advice off the cuff: he provides layers of thought and resources to effect a meaningful discussion of the issue. He has been invaluable help to me in my own law practice. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a client for legal work.”

Oil & Gas: Rating: Excellent: *****
"Hard working and thorough, pays attention to details, keeps abreast of case law, and kept me informed."

Oil & Gas: Rating: Excellent: *****
"When Tom Fisher is asked for a professional opinion, he gives one that is clearly stated, and well founded on his excellent base of knowledge and experience. Where appropriate, it is supported by diligent and thorough research done for the occasion. He is masterful in negotiation. I always seek his advice on the negotiation process itself. I can say nothing higher in praise of Tom Fisher than this: I trust him completely and I am always confident in the accuracy and soundness of his work.

Oil & Gas
“Tom’s expert knowledge and meticulous attention to detail are tremendous assets that I'm always thankful for having on my team.”

Probate: Rating: Excellent: *****
"When I asked some colleagues for the name of a good probate attorney in Nueces County, Texas, their answers had one name in common--Tom Fisher. Tom responded quickly to my inquiries and helped me answer some tough questions. He is knowledgeable and genuinely helpful. I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone looking for a good attorney."

"I have had the fortune of getting to know Tom in a professional Capacity. I have found his legal knowledge to be extensive, especially with regard to Probate, Estate Planning, Oil & gas law and General Business Law. I would not think twice about recommending Tom as a lawyer in these fields as I have leaned on Tom for advice for some of my own clients. If you need a lawyer in Corpus Christie, I would fist send you to Tom as I highly recommend him for his areas of expertise but also trust his judgment in pointing you in the right direction if you need a lwayer for other matters as well.”

“I have known Thomas for over 30 years. In that time he has exhibited a keen and stalwart legal mind. Thomas is trustworthy and reliable. My family trusts him with their personal, legal matters..”